Craziness! TWO conferences that I like to attend regularly are happening at the same time this week…and I’m not going to be at either one! What can I say, but it’s important to stay in tune with your current priorities, which fluctuate all the time, but should always be calibrated to your values. My primary … Continue reading Priorities

What is #Joyist?

Becoming a life coach includes getting coached yourself. A lot. When I talk about things like extracting your core values, I have a sense of what you’ll experience because I did it too. Even after deciding I wanted to be a life coach, I didn’t instantly know how that was going to work, or what … Continue reading What is #Joyist?

Monday Mantra

Do you have a mantra? It won’t kill you if you don’t, BUT, they can be a big help in staying focused on something, like a change we want to see consistently in our own behavior or beliefs. A mantra is basically a word or phrase that reflects a belief or desired belief. It can … Continue reading Monday Mantra