Hello! Welcome to my website, jamiecarrieri.com. Here you can learn more about my own background, keep up to date on my projects, read my blog posts, find my favorite resources, and link out to some of my business- and project-specific pages. Please explore the site, including my About and Resources pages. Also, follow the links … Continue reading Welcome


Craziness! TWO conferences that I like to attend regularly are happening at the same time this week…and I’m not going to be at either one! What can I say, but it’s important to stay in tune with your current priorities, which fluctuate all the time, but should always be calibrated to your values. My primary … Continue reading Priorities

What is #Joyist?

Becoming a life coach includes getting coached yourself. A lot. When I talk about things like extracting your core values, I have a sense of what you’ll experience because I did it too. Even after deciding I wanted to be a life coach, I didn’t instantly know how that was going to work, or what … Continue reading What is #Joyist?