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Joyist is a brand created by Jamie Carrieri, and the Joyist Boutique is where creativity and joy meet practicality and style. Click on the button below to shop our Joyist designs, and enjoy the collection.

Coach Jamie

Coach Jamie

Jamie is the founder of Carrieri Coaching, her labor of love that allows her to follow her passion of helping others to lead a more joyful life. Jamie brings a unique perspective to her role as a life coach, having experienced situations that make her especially qualified to guide others out of the dark places of life. She has personally experienced the pain of infertility, pregnancy loss, and parent loss, as well as health and fitness struggles of her own and those close to her. Drawing on her experiences, she holds a special place in her heart for working with those who have experienced similar things and helping them get to a more joyful place.

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Are you living a joy centered life?

Is joy important to you? Is it one of your core values? Whatever your core values, aligning your behavior and priorities with those values leads to a happier, more fulfilling life. As we grow in experience, possibilities we never even considered may present themselves. These possibilities can bring us unimaginable joy and happiness, if we are open to them. Are you open to the possibilities life is presenting to you? Is your behavior aligned with your values? A life coach can help you to see the possibilities, get unstuck, and move confidently in the direction of your dreams. As a life and wellness coach, I help you uncover your core values, and lead a more fulfilling life by moving forward in key areas aligned with those values.